NWA 7754 CK5153 (1)

   Price 12$/g

Place of purchase: Morocco
Date: P 2012
Mass (g): 305
Pieces: 1
Class: CK5
Shock stage: S2
Weathering grade: W1
Fayalite (mol%): 29.0±0.6 (28.0-31.0, n=30)
Classifier: A. Greshake, MNB; Knut Metzler, IfP
Type spec mass (g): 21.0
Type spec location: MNB
Main mass: Tomek Jakubowski
Comments: The greenish to grayish colored rock consists of poorly defined chondrules set in a fine-grained matrix. Opaque phases are mostly Cr-bearing magnetite.; submitted by Ansgar Greshake

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