Historical and museum provenance meteorites collection

Historical meteorites are special specimens in collection. Beside space history (creating, later process on Parent Body) they have interesting history in Earth. They were collected in time when meteoritics science was in very beginning. We can easily say that  this part of science start around a year of 1794 when a Ernest Florence Fridrich Chladni publish manuscript : ” „Über den Ursprung der von Pallas gefundenen und anderer ihr ähnlicher Eisenmassen„ (Leipzig/Riga). What is interesting in that time Chladni base his ideas only about books he found and reports form meteorite falls. Firstly he touch a meteorite 4 years later (1798) in VIenna. Another important date in history was 1802 when Edward Charles Howard publish a manuscript ” Experiments and Observations on Certain Stony and Metalline Substances, Which at Different Times are Said to Have Fallen on the Earth; Also on Various Kinds of Native Iron” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Vol. 92. Finally in 1803 26 April in L’Aigle village local people observe a meteorite fall, one of young scientist form Paris 29 years old Jaen Baptiste Biot go to fall place and write first complete documentation of meteorite falls Relation d’un voyage fait dans le département de l’Orne, pour constater la réalité d’un météore observé à l’Aigle, le 26 floréal an XI. We can easy say that this publication, research and L’Aigle fall had important influence in science and form this date meteoritics science begin.