meteorite collection gallery

I started my collection with a 27g Sikhote Alin iron meteorite purchased by my sister at a local mineral show.
I have been building my collection over many years, and over those years have changed my collecting style many times. Now, I focus on well-shaped, complete meteorites regardless of their find or fall location and therefore have collected many pieces from the hot deserts areas. Animated GIF’s gallery.

Currently meteorites from my collection are on loan at or donated to a few Polish museums including:
Mineralogical Museum in Wroclaw University < see photos
– Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology
Geological Museum in Lodz University < see photos
Geological Museum in Silesia University < see photos
Center of Geo Education in Kielce < see photos

– Vienna Naturhistorisches Museum < see photos

Crystal Days” in Luban 2023 < see photos