Price 12$/g

Northwest Africa 10577 (NWA 10577)
(Northwest Africa)
Purchased: 2015
Classification: HED achondrite (Eucrite)
History: The meteorite was bought in 2015 from a local meteorite dealer in Morocco.
Petrography: The unbrecciated meteorite displays a relatively coarse-grained basaltic texture of exsolved pyroxene and lath-shaped calcic plagioclase with grain sizes of up to 1 mm. Minor phases include chromite, ilmenite and SiO2 polymorphs.
Geochemistry: low-Ca pyroxene: Fs60.5±0.9Wo2.4±0.7 (Fs58.6-62.7Wo1.9-4.6, n=15, FeO/MnO=32-37); Ca-pyroxene: Fs26.5±0.4Wo43.8±0.4 (Fs25.8-27.1Wo43.4-44.7, n=15, FeO/MnO=30-33); calcic plagioclase: An88.3±2 (An81.9-90.4, n=15)

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