Price : 5500$


Writeup history : The meteorite was purchased from a local meteorite dealer in Niger.

Writeup physical : Dark brownish rock without fusion crust.

Writeup petrog : The meteorite is an enstatite achondrite predominantly composed of 50-1000 µm sized enstatite and less abundant sodic feldspar grains. Some regions appear to be recrystallized exhibiting triple junctions. Albitic and Si-rich melt inclusions are ubiquitous throughout the meteorite. Opaque phases include nodules composed of niningerite and Cr-rich troilte, Si-rich kamacite, and rare Zn-bearing daubréelite. Metal grains are often spherical. No relict chondrules have been observed. 

Writeup geochem : enstatite: Fs0.3±0.2Wo0.3±1.3 (Fs0.1-0.6Wo0.2-0.3, n=12); feldspar: An19.2±1.9Ab79.1±1.9Or1.7±0.2 (An81.5-92.3Ab-75.9-83.2Or1.4-2.0, n=18); kamacite: Ni=7.04±0.18, Si=2.99±0.01, Co=0.24±0.01, P=0.58±0.39 (wt%), n=3




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